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Small Paintings


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      Fall 2005                 Trees 2006                Greens        




         Blues                       Fall 2007                 Wintergarten




Tiny Jewels             Winter 2007                  Smiles



     Springwater               Watermarks                Red-Green    




Winter 2005                Palette Knife


Artist's Statement: Small Works

Making these paintings in the cradle of present world events, I have found the need to ask myself again and again…"What difference does it make?”

What difference does it make to have art, to express joy, to move colors around, to mix and match, to keep some images and to let some go? What difference does it make to travel into the silence of a shape, a texture, a color? What difference does it make to create some small works on paper, to have them seen and distributed.

My intention in making this work is to bring some manifestation of motion and energy out into the light. These are small works, done quickly with non-precious materials. They are the life running through me and expressing itself in an uncensored and unquestioning way.

These works give me hope because they are small. They speak to me of the joy in the everyday, the surprise of the moment, the movement that is always happening whether I choose to acknowledge it or not.

It is heartening and necessary for me to know that the energy in these small works runs through me and permeates a life which also includes suffering, greed, delusion and death. I bring them out into the world as an offering for healing, restoration, balance and peace.

I thank you for your interest and your care.


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  Kendrick Wronski