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Artist's Statement:
This large figurative body of work began to emerge in 1992 and continues to strongly influence the current direction of my work.  What interests me in this series is the exploration of common human experience through time, and the challenge of holding these common life experiences in simplified human and landscape forms.

Why simplified forms?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the work…specifically, the face-no face question.  As the series first emerged I asked this question too.  Then I painted more specific facial features onto one of the early works.  When I did this the entire energy of the painting changed and a strong focus on viewing the work went directly into this specific face.  I found that what captured my interest as I continued to work was the balance between body, face and landscape…connecting them together so strongly  that no one of these features would be predominant…that they would all hold equal energy.

I experience this connection…between ourselves as humans and the landscape environments within which we live…as a link which is precarious and often threatened.  I find that my work is often done with the intention of holding humans and the land solidly together.

Years after beginning this series, on my first trip to Paris…I was at the Louvre, looking at the oldest piece of sculpture in their collection, and it wore the same simplified face which I had been painting on these works!

This body of work has been shown publicly in the Boston, New York and DC areas and has been published a handful of times.  The most easily accessed book containing my work is, Return of the Great Goddess, edited by Burleigh Muten, Shambala Publications, 1994.

Artists from whom I have drawn inspiration in this work are Elizabeth Catlett, Yolanda Lopez, Georgia O’Keeffe, Diego Rivera and Francisco Zuniga.

Teachers who have helped me find my way are Larry Verkins, Ric Campman, Barbara Warren, and Kate Ransohoff.

I appreciate your interest in the work.  May it bring you beauty, strength and wholeness.

Postcard packs of all 11 images are available for $15 plus shipping.  Email Kendrick here or kwronsk[at]gmail[dot]com to order.
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Spirit of the Puppet Dancer
Return from the Well
Planting the Seeds
Spirit of the Puppet Dancer
Return from the Well
Planting the Seeds

Innocence/Prairie Living Earth Inside
Innocence/Prairie Living Earth Inside

Holy Grail I: Reclamation Gravity Weighing Simplicity and Innovation Holy Grail II; Respite
Holy Grail I; Reclamation Gravity Weighing Simplicity and Inovation Holy Grail II; Respite
Counsel Pink Repose
Counsel Pink Repose This Is My Body

Kendrick Wronski