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Artist's Statement: Drawings
These drawings are responses to the beautiful physical forms found within the composition of the human body.  They include views of beauty from both the inside and the outside.

My intention is to explore and deepen the reality of cellular life in the body.  This is important to me because it is at the cellular level that the possibility for resonance with all life lives so strongly.  In our world, where life must be held carefully in the hands and carried into the coming days and changes, these images offer me an opportunity to deepen the experience of being human.

I have given each work two titles; one to reflect the scientific precision of naming the body and one to reflect the poetry of a body’s felt experience.

I appreciate your interest in the work.

All works are 8” x 8”, ink on paper. Prints are $75.

Email Kendrick here  kwronsk[at]gmail[dot]com to order or for information.

  Click Thumbnail to see larger image and information:

Posterior Shoulder
Glomerulus Structure
Compact Bone
Reflection on Posterior Shoulder
An Anatomy of Carriage
Reflection on Gomerulus Structure
An Anatomy of Transportation
Reflection on Compact Bone
An Anatomy of Strength

E. Coli
Osteoporitic Bone
Reflection on Macrophage with E. Coli
An Anatomy of Housekeeping
Reflection on the Nephron
An Anatomy of Supply and Demand
Reflection on Osteoporitic Bone
An Anatolmy of Loss

Blood Clot
Anterior Shoulder
Reflection on Blood Clot Formation
An Anatomy of Bonding
Reflection on Anterior Shoulder
An Anatomy of Layers
Reflection on Accessory Organs of the Allimentary Canal
An Anatomy of Neighborhood

Cardiac Muscle
Reflection on Carcinoma
An Anatomy of Growth
Reflection on the Scream
An Anatomy of the Open Door
Reflection on Cardiac Muscle
An Anatomy of Sparks

Synovial Joint

Reflection on the Synovial Joint
An Anatomy of Comfort
Reflection on Alveoli
An Anatomy of Reception

Kendrick Wronski